Mon May 25 - Mon September 7 Wilmington, NC 28409 US
Wilmington, NC US 28409

Summers at the OBX are marked by long lazy days that melt into one another.  We tell time by the sun, the tides and the ferry schedule.  There are only 3 days that exist in OBX summers.  Memorial Day - the day your shoes come off and the fun begins.  July 4th - the day of picnics and fireworks and Labor Day - the days shoes come back on and we go back to the real world.  

Experience the OBX virtually this summer!  Run from Bald Head Island, NC to Sandbridge, VA.  300 miles.  Between Memorial Day, May 25, 2020 to Labor Day, September 7, 2020.  

We know it is almost summer time so we will do the math for you!

300 miles - 105 days - That's a little shy of 3 miles a day - every day for 105 days. (2.87 miles to be exact)  That's about 20 miles a week and about 80 miles a month.  

Here is how it works:

1. Register and invite your friends to join you 

  • If you like to travel with friends, form a convoy (group). We'll be serving up some sweet swag for the largest convoy. Each member of the group is responsible for their own miles. You can't share miles, but you can definitely share the experience.

2. Run anytime/anywhere and log your miles 

3. Join the virtual community of fellow OBX runners.  


All participants receive: 

*Race Shirt 

*Virtual Race Bib

*Map tracking, and leaderboard

*Finish Line photos..your Facebook friends will never know you are in Kansas and not on the Outer Banks! 

*Being a part of our virtual run community - private Facebook and Strava group where encouragement and smack talking are encouraged!

*Motivation - Hey let's face it - its kinda hard to keep motivated to lace up your sneaks and hit the pavement!  We will be sending you motivation and encouragement throughout the journey!

*A virtual vacation!  Feel like you are in OBX with fun facts, photos and local information coming your way. 

*All Finishers will also receive an Elevation Culture Medal.  

*Awards...we are working with local OBX small businesses to bring you some sweet awards and some surprise drawings along the way!




Run Local - Support Local

The vision of RunOBX is to run locally while connecting across the USA!  We are supporting local and domestic small business who have been hit hard during the Covid19 pandemic.  Your race fees are going directly to support local small businesses.  Shirts and awards are being sourced by local OBX merchants.  Medals are handmade in the USA using sustainable sourced goods.   



Souvenirs and Race Swag

It is time to pick your FREE RACE SHIRT and ORDER EXTRA shirts, hoodies, and hats.  

Our online store will be open until July 1, 2020- 

Click on "Click Her to Order your Race Shirt"  This will be where you select the size and style of your free race shirt. 

Click Shop Now to Order Extra shirts, hoodies and hats. 




All race swag is being sourced from local small businesses who have been hit hard by Covid19.  

Shirts - Designed by Grafiig in Carolina Beach, NC and printed by Seaside SilkScreen in Wilmington, NC.  

Medal - Handcrafted by Elevation Culture

Awards - Goody box filled with with good stuff from NC small businesses!  

Surprises - Log your miles, check your emails, tag us in your social media #runOBX and you never know when your name may be drawn for a special NC OBX treat! 

Check out our Partner section to see a list of local OBX small businesses we are working with!  



Q:  Is Chapel Hill part of the Outer Banks?
A: If you have been watching Outer Banks, the #1 trending series on Netflix, you maybe under the impression that Chapel Hill is part of the Outer Banks.  Josh and Jonas Pate, the creators of Outer Banks are North Carolina natives and have assured us that Chapel Hill is not part of the Outer Banks but they left the footage of the 2 hour car ride between OBX and Chapel Hill on the editing room floor...well..because that is a really boring car ride!

Q:  Is Figure Eight Island part of the Outer Banks? 
A: YES! NO! and YES!  YES!  In the Netflix Series, Outer Banks, Figure Eight Island is considered to be part of the Outer Banks.  NO!  Although there is some dispute over the exact location of the Outer Banks, Figure Eight Island is not considered to be part of the Outer Banks.  YES!  Because we live in Wilmington and think it is a pretty awesome area and because on your tour of the Outer Banks we also want you to see all 7 Lighthouses of NC, and because we wanted to add a little more distance to the challenge your race will begin at Bald Head Island and pass by Figure Eight Island. 

Q:  Since the Outer Banks are islands separated by water, what do we do when we get to the inlets?  How do we cross the water?
A: UHMMMMM.....This is a virtual just pretend you can run across water!  Or if you really want to run around your neighborhood to get your milage in your speedo and do you!  This is a judgement free zone!

Q: When and where do I run?
A:  As mentioned before life on the OBX is pretty laid back, you run anytime and anywhere you would like.  Run as many miles each day as you would like.  The only rule here is log your miles in order to earn your finisher medal. (300 miles by September 7, 2020).  Trail miles, road miles, treadmill miles all count.  The miles you earn each day walking  from your beer fridge to your couch don't count!  Only count the miles when you actually are out exercising!  

Q: Will there be beer at the finish line?
A: Absolutely!  BYOB! 

Q: Do Swimming and Bike Miles count? 
A: As in the name...OBX Run...only running or walking miles count!  

Q: I'm participating in 6 other virtual runs during this time can I count those miles for Run OBX?  
A: stated do you!  That is something you will need to take up with your conscience! 

Q: If I register after the race starts on May 25, can I include my back mileage to May 25?
A: NO.  You will begin logging miles on the day you will just have to cover more ground to get to the finish by September 7, 2020.

Q: Can we have a relay team?
A: This is an individual event, but if you trick 5 of your friends into joining you on this adventure you will pick up some pretty sweet bonus race swag!




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Course Map
OBX Points of Interest Map

RunOBX points of interest!  We will be adding more points throughout the journey and sending you some fun information! 



Run the Ridge

We get it...some people like the mountains more than the beach!  Or maybe you just want to log more miles!  If so..check out Run the Ridge.  A 500 mile virtual run from the Great Smokey Mountains to the Shenandoah Valley along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  

For the extreme challenge...register for both and log 800 miles! 

Full Send Racing

FULL SEND:  Being 100% Committed.  No Take Backs.  No Do Overs. No Second Chances.  Full Speed Ahead.  All In.  

Run OBX is a race like non other.  You know your toughest competitor - the person who stares back at you in the mirror.  You know your weaknesses.  You know your strengths.  You know what gets you out of bed in the morning.  Here is your chance to focus one mile at a time on becoming a better version of yourself. 

Between our three virtual events we are 1400 athletes strong representing 45 states and 6 countries. As a group we have raised over $18,000 which will be divided between food banks in some of North Carolina's most food insecure areas. Each of you comes to the starting line with different abilities, different experiences and different goals.  For some of you - your goal is to be the first person to cover the 300 miles from Bald Head Island, NC to Sandbridge, VA.  For some of you your goal is to meet a friend, neighbor or running buddy and create a habit of consistency.  For others of you your goal is to spend intentional time with your family walking or running each day.  

Whatever your goal we want you to go FULL SEND!  Be fully committed.  We are here as a team to motivate and encourage each other to emerge better than we started.  Make sure you connect with our Facebook Group.  (Enter your bib number for admission to the group 

We can't wait to experience this journey with you!  Please tag us on social media #runobx and on your IG and FB stories @runobx.  And please reach out if we can help you along the way! 

The Full Send Racing Team
Chad Towne and Renee Griffin




Race Contact Info

If you have any questions about this race, click the button below.

Supporting Local Food Banks

This years project funded by the generous donations of participants from RunOBX. 

Cooler Expansion - Beaufort County
The cooler/freezer project in Beaufort County will allow the food pantry there to capture more fresh produce throughout the year from both the food sourced by local farmers, as well as retail donations by partners such as Food Lion and Walmart. The $8,000 of funding is the final push to complete this project.

Each year in northeastern North Carolina, approximately 44 Million lbs. of produce goes unharvested. Expansion of capacity and cooler space will allow this partner agency to receive and distribute more produce each year. 

The hunger-relief partner serves 6 counties in northeastern North Carolina, and before COVID was serving approximately 70-80 boxes of food per month. During COVID to present, they are serving 100 boxes each week to people in need. The effects of COVID has created unemployment at record highs, and is forcing many people to seek assistance today and we are expecting this continue for quite some time.

The cooler/freezer expansion is going to allow this food pantry to receive thousands of pounds of fresh produce and frozen meat each month for distribution. Capacity, especially cooler space, is one of the greatest restrictions that Food Banks and our hunger-relief partners have.

OBX Mobile Pantries
Food Bank of the Albemarle operates 3 mobile food pantries in the Outer Banks Area: Mann's Harbor, Manteo, and Colington. Each of these serves approximately 20-50 households each month.  We will be providing the funding for one full year for these mobile food pantries.  RunOBX will be providing the funding for these 3 mobile food pantries for one year. 







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